Who Is AGSHealth​

AGS Health has been established as a Proprietary Limited Company operating in South Africa since 2015. Our business model is based on a gap in the market to provide affordable healthcare solutions. AGS Health has grown into a well-rounded Medical insurance company that provides the public with a number of diverse products to suit the required need of the market

Core Values

To provide cost effective healthcare solutions

Vision Statement​

We believe in treating our members with respect and dignity. We grow through creativity, invention and innovation. Honesty, integrity and business ethics are an inherent trait within our business. Client centricity is a non-negotiable

Our Mission​

To build long term relationships with our members and provide exceptional customer service by pursuing business through innovation and use of advanced technology

Our Perfect Team

Ryan Bill Bryant

Ryan is a member of the executive team responsible for new business development. Ryan is new to the insurance industry, having spent most of his career in retail. His dealings with management and staff on a daily basis in the retail environment will stand your business in good stead with discussing Medical Employee Benefits with AGS Health as he has a firm grasp on the needs of both Employers and Employees

Riaan Cloete

Riaan is a member of the executive team responsible for operations and financial affairs of the business. Riaan has been in the insurance industry since 2005 and served on the board and board committees of several insurance companies. he has vast experience in the mechanics of the insurance industry which enables him to ensure that AGS Health continues to provide cost effective solutions to its members

Lizandri Blom

Lizandri is a member of the executive team focusing primarily on sales, marketing and training of our internal sales force. Her attention to detail and unrelenting work ethic results in our success in building and maintaining strong, long-lasting relationships with our clients.

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