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Guardian Plus

Day-2-Day + Accidental

Monthly Contribution 
Main Member (Age 18 - 65 )R350.00
Extended Members ( Maximum of 4) (Age 0-65)R275.00


AGS Health is proud to introduce our new Accident plan. This tailor-made plan caters for anyone up-to the age of 65 years and will allow you access to any Private Hospital, should they have the misfortune of being in any accident, anywhere.

Examples being: Sporting activities (School kids), Vehicle accidents, Domestic injuries, etc. Although this plan had your children in mind when we envisaged it, the plan is available to anyone in your family or those close to you.The Accident Guardian plan will offer the Main Member as well as the dependents up-to R100 000 cover at any private hospital

GP Visits4 Per AnnumR400 Per Event
Medication4 Per AnnumR800 Per Annum - Capped @ R250 Per Event
Specialist Visits2 Per AnnumR520 Per Event
Pathology2 Per AnnumR370 Per Event
Radiology2 Per AnnumR370 Per Event

Accidental Death

Where Bodily Injury results in the death of an Insured Person, We will compensate you up to the amount shown in the Schedule of Benefits. The percentage payable shall be as shown in the Schedule of Benefits

Permanent Total Disability​

Where Bodily Injury results in the Permanent Total Disability of an Insured Person, We will compensate you up to the amount shown in the Schedule of Benefits. The percentage payable shall be as shown in the Schedule of Benefits.

Accidental Cover for Medical ExpensesAmbulance Service & ER Private HospitalisationR100 000 Per Event
Death Caused by Accident1 Per LifetimeR100 000
Disability Caused by Accident1 Per LifetimeR100 000
Cash Back For In Hospital PeriodR1 000 Per Day While Admitted In Hospital15 Days Per Year

Emergency Transport Service

For all members’ and extended members the Emergency Panic Button is included in your premium. Once you have completed the application form, the Main Member and all nominated extended members will receive a link to activate your Panic Button on your smartphone. This allows us to locate the cell phone via GPS and dispatch the appropriate services should you not be able to respond to our call centre after pressing the panic button.

Note that this includes Message Relay Service at no extra cost. The Message Relay Service allows our call centre to contact your ICE (In Case of Emergency) contact.

If during the Period of Insurance an Insured Person sustains Bodily Injury during the Effective Time, which solely and independently of all other causes results, within 12 (twelve) calendar months of the Accident, results in an Insured Event, We agree to compensate you, the compensation stated in the below Schedule of Benefits in accordance with the percentage specified as per items 1 and 2.

Emergency Panic Button

In an event of any accident emergency a 24-hour emergency call centre will be available to assist members. An ambulance will be dispatched to the scene and arrangements will be made for the member to be admitted to the nearest medical facility. (Admission to private hospitals to name but a few include Netcare, Mediclinic, Life and NHN hospitals.)

Africa Assist, Tel: 0861 333 621 will grant authorisation and guide them to the nearest hospital, further-more, they will grant guarantees to the hospital for a member to be admitted. The members account will be managed by Africa Assist and bills will be settled by the insurer. We make use of a network of more than 200 emergency service providers of which ER24 and Netcare 911 are just two of them.


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Tel: 087 330 2800
Fax: 086 605 2345

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