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Day 2 Day Plan

Affordable Primary Healthcare. This plan offers you GP visits, Specialists, Dentistry, Optometry, Blood Test and Radiology.We are not Network based. Feel free to visit the doctor of your choice – we do not force you into a network.

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By combining our plans we offer clients our full suite of benefits with various cover limits to choose from which includes Hospital Plans. Dentist and our day 2 day healthcare products that will suit you

Compact Plan

We were asked for a combination plan with fewer benefits and therefore more affordable for our customers so we delivered them our newest plan

Hospital Plan

When an accident, medical condition or sudden illness leads to hospitalisation, medical bills should be the last thing on your mind when focusing on recovering. Our hospital plan ensure that your expenses are covered

Accidental Plan

In an emergency situation quick response is vital to us. Our personal accidental insurance plan is comprehensive and provides a range of benefits to you. That will Transport you to any Private Hospital near you

Dental Plan

Our Dental Plans allow our clients to keep their teeth in a healthy condition by providing them with a broad range of dental benefits at a reasonable cost. That will make your family smile

Funeral Plan

In the certain event of death your family should not have to worry about funeral costs. By offering various plans to our clients we can assist to relieve the financial burden in your time of grief

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between Medical Aid and Medical Insurance

They are regulated by two different acts: – Medical Aid is defined as a medical scheme and is regulated by the medical Schemes Act and governed by the Council for Medical Schemes. Medical Insurance is defined as a short or long term insurance and is regulated by the long and short term act and governed by the Financial Sector Conduct Authority (FSCA). Day-2-Day benefits fall under the consumer Ombud. -Medical Aid pays out a wide variety of benefits to contributing members.Medical Insurance pays out a fixed amount for specific listed events – Medical Aid is based on tariff codes and procedures. Medical Insurance is based on stated event and specific procedure costs. – Medical Aids cannot reject applications due to age or pre-existing conditions and have to, by law, cover certain procedures. This is according to the Medical Schemes Act, Section 29 (3) (a). Medical Insurance can reject applicants due to age and additionally can add on exclusions for specific or high risk procedures. – Medical Aid has shortfalls most of the time. Medical Insurance may be used as a gap cover for shortfalls. – Medical Aid does not have to disclose the amount payable for the procedure they will cover. Medical Insurance provides a person with a defined amount in case a specific event happen

Are your Doctors Network Based?

No. You are able to see any GP. This makes it possible to see your current GP who you have a long lasting relationship with

Are the Day-2-Day Benefits limited to the family or are they per individual

The benefits per policy are for each individual member on the policy. Therefore, should you be on the Green Day-2-Day plan each member would be allowed 4 GP visits per annum.

What is Acute Medication?

This is any medicines prescribed by a General Practitioner

Is your Hospital Plan a Cash Back Plan

No. We provide you with R150 000 per annum per member limited to R300 000 per policy

When will i receive my card

Once we receive first premium which will include a R150 admin fee, we will immediately order your card. You will be contacted prior to card being dispatched to confirm your closest pick up point. The whole process takes approximately 3 weeks from first premium collection

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