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Hospital Plan

When an accident, medical condition or sudden illness leads to hospitalisation, medical bills should be the last thing on your mind when focusing on recovering. Our hospital plan will ensure that your expenses are covered for the insured amount.


Waiting PeriodBenefits
Illness and Operations3 MonthsR150 000 per year
Dreaded Disease6 MonthsR120 000 per year
(Included in Above)
Pre-existing Conditions12 MonthsIncluded in Above
Accidental / Trauma room3 MonthsR15 000 per year
EMS, Ambulance3 Months

(There is a 12 Month waiting period if the life-threatening event relates to a pre-existing condition)
R35 000 per year
Pregnancy Cover for Birth9 MonthsR40 000 per year

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