One Happy Family Deserves a Product to make you more happy

AGS Health will over you products that is suited for your family it gives you access to Private Hospitals and we will cover what you needed to have cover for your health

Day 2 Day Plan

Keep your health and body in supperior form by taking our Day 2 Day plan that covers what you need to have covered

Hospital Plan

Get Hospital Cover that gives you Access to Private hospitals that will Speed up your visit to the hospital and in the hospital

Accidental Plan

Get our excellent Accidental Plan for you that will cover your way in the hospital and on the way to the hospital

Combination Plan

Our Combination plan is a combination of all our stand alone plans provided at a discount price

Dental Plan

Our Dental plan will cover your dental plans in chair or in the hospital itself

Funeral Plan

Our Funeral plan will help you cover the loose of another by covering your funeral for you 

We are not networked to any doctor thus you might go and see your own doctor or in search of another

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